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Hey! Not sure if your server is needing a S.W.A.T/SRU Department. Reaching out incase! Currently looking for a server to permanently reside on.

I’m a former S.W.A.T Commander of 5+ years. I have lead countless departments from S.R.U to Homeland Security, to now S.W.A.T. My experience in the community is comparable to none and I’m currently looking for a new home as my previous communities have died.

What you can expect from me:
Active highly experienced department head
Strict but fun department
Well trained and highly respected department and operators
Dept Roster/Docs
Finished dept discord

Here are some things we’re looking for in a server:
US based servers only
Must have an OPEN S.W.A.T Department with no prior heads or members.
Freedom to create the department as I see fit with little to no admin influence.
Working mlos, and variety of vehicles(motorcycles, cars, trucks, emergency services)
No P2W, if donations are being accepted there must be no perks for donators
Size doesn’t matter but we would prefer a little smaller community that we can build up our department along side the whole community
Type of server doesn’t matter(vmenu, esx, etc…)

To reach out to me you can add my discord at atti#3292