[ESX] Wasabi's Advanced Police Job

Makes sense. That will require modifications to said robbery script. But that would be something that would need to be done regardless with multiple departments.

understood, been looking for an easy way to navigate scripts that ask for one police job, vs 2. Unsure if it’s possible to summarize multiple jobs under one
Thanks for replies!

You give me very good idea. I’ll add an export that returns total number of all police on next update

This script has everything man, nice work!

Update (Version 1.0.5)

  • Server export exports.wasabi_police:getPoliceOnline() added so people can modify robbery scripts to count all police jobs
  • Few missing strings missing from sring file added for easier language adjustments
  • Fixed bug with garage spawn for some
  • Armory bug for some patched
  • Vehicle interaction menu added to job menu which includes vehicle ownership information, lockpicking vehicle, and impounding vehicle
  • Impound vehicle function added to cl_customize.lua to add in any custom code

More to come soon!


the best script

Thank you very much I appreciate it!

As I said in my other thread; the webstore domain issues resolved for anyone who previously reported issues with it loading in the last 48 hours.

Thank you to everyone who let me know.

Damn, I’m late to the party, another amazing script from wasabi! INCREDIBLE!

is there a way to attach MF-inventory meta data to armory, so serial numbers are attached to weapon purchase in opensource?

In open source, all code is completely available so this is surely possible.

I’m not familiar with mf-inventory and their meta data as the documentation behind this inventory isn’t the greatest so I haven’t added support for it out of the box.

Okay, however it says " * Compatible with ox_inventory, qs-inventory, and mf_inventory(Code open to incorporate a different inventory)"

is this not the case out the box?

Well yes, out of box the armory will work for anyone using items as weapons(and option to do weapons as weapons).

In regards to those compatibilities specifically are more directed to searching suspects inventories.