[ESX] waf_vipsystem - advanced fivem vipsystem

lataus (1)



  • Vip system script for FiveM [ESX Framework]
  • Monetize your FiveM server quickly with this script.
  • Fully automated and easy to use.
  • Includes premade language support for English and Finnish, with the ability to add more.


  • Well-Optimized
    • Idle consumption: 0.00
    • Increases to 0.07 only when the shop is opened.
  • Tebex Integration
    • Easy to integrate with Tebex. (Tutorial provided after-purchase)
    • Players can redeem keys within the server, instantly activating their subscription.
    • Works even if server is offline, ensuring no disruptions to player subscriptions.
  • Subscription-Based VIP System
    • Offer VIP as a subscription, managed locally in your server’s database.
    • Subscriptions auto-remove upon expiry and update instantly.
    • Manage subscriptions with simple commands.
    • Players can check subscription duration using commands.
  • Easy Integration with Resources
    • Simple vipcheck exports for server and client-side allowing you to make your own addons fro vip only.
    • Very easy to use.
    • Tutorial included for creating custom VIP benefits.
  • Comprehensive Logs
    • Detailed logs for player actions, including shop transactions, VIP management, chat and more.
  • User-Friendly Config
    • Customize script settings via config file.
  • And Much More
    • Watch the preview for a full overview of script features.
  • Support
    • For support/questions dm me on discord: waf533
Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1100
Requirements Any es_extended version, esx_menu_default, ox_lib
Support Yes