[ESX] VehicleShop + VIPSystem

Guys, I’m working on a project with some colleagues, we have created a vehicle shop script that has functions such as normal and vip shop, from the settings you can choose to charge a custom currency ie: (coin, vip coin, or your own custom currency ) this script stills in beta phase but we still working to improve it.

Actuallyl this script is supported by ESX or ESXLegacy only.
The script is in testing phase and will be updated soon.

right now we don’t have a discord server to give support but soon I’ll update this post and I’ll leave a link here to our tebex website

[ESX] VehicleShop + VIPSystem

This script is being sold on Tebex only, Please be aware this product is linked to the FiveM account that purchased it.


System charge money custom

Easy to set up translation

Configuration of separate listing of normal vehicle and VIP vehicle

Separate list setting of normal ships and vip ships

The script is in testing phase and will be updated soon.

After the purchase you will have access to the files by connecting to keymaster in the Purchased assets tab: https://keymaster.fivem.net/asset-grants.

We are using the cfx team’s asset escrow system, you can read more about it here: Introducing Asset Escrow for your resources

easy to use html interface for own designs


Preview: Video Here

Available now in my Tebex store at this link!
Tebex Store
Price: 12.99€



Code is accessible No, only config.lua, locales/*.lua, html/**
Subscription-based No
Requirements ESX, Mob_Notify
Support Yes
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preview ?

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post updated

Does this script use any of the code from esx_vehicleshop?

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yes, Is based in esx_vehicleshop but with our set up system you can charge with your custom server currency all the listed vip vehicles

If your are using the esx_vehicleshop you only need to delete your actual script to use this one, due they use the same sql tables

if the script is using official esx code, it cant be escrowed :wink:

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I think we had a misunderstood here, how can I prove to apeal and use encryptation

if the script contains code from esx_vehicleshop, it cant be escrowed :slight_smile:

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Ive didd a search and it does not contents esx_vehicleshop script, but thank you to notify us to avoid that further, still we are new at this for five m and we are learning on step :blush: