Hello guys, i just sucessfully installed esx_vehicleshop…but when i buy car…it just takes my money and spawns care in my garage…every server has it like that when you press buy…it spawns you in car…infron of car dealer shop…how can i do it like that ?

set the buy location in config and type the coords there for the vehicle spawn etc

which file ? config.lua ?..i am beginner and i dont know where i can find it…

“config.lua” yes

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Sorry for stupid question but i am not sure what exactly i have to change there…can you tell me ?

what exactly do i need to change there ?config.txt (1.5 KB)

make the file .lua it should work then

it didnt work…but we fixed it. There were huge issues with new files from SFX, they updated their files and our server stopped working properly…

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