[ESX] Use All Clothing as Item / Clothing to Items [OX INV][Fivem-Appearance]

Product Name: EjClothing
Version: v1


  • Enables Clothing to Item function.
  • Enables to Store/Retrieves Clothing for Fivem Appearance
  • Now supports DP Clothing UI and DP Clothing command for removing clothes/converting clothes to items.
  • Stylish Design for Items Images
  • Customizable some parts on Config Lua file.
  • Two kinds of Clothing Items (Generic/Specific Items with Specific Image)
  • Can Add other specific items like jewelry and more just message me so I can assist you.
  • Enables another Roleplay where robbers can rob clothings/accesories and more from the victim.
  • ~And more…

Video Preview:

You can get it here : Tebex

Code is accessible Partial
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 600
Requirements Requirements : ox_lib , mythic_progbar
Support Yes
(For releases without code the not applicable fields can be written as N/A)

this is dope!


When a person pushes another person, and the glasses fall off, does it go into the player’s inventory? Or are they lost?


It will not drop bro. Not until someone rob you or you’ll let them borrow the accessories or clothing.

codes accesible for add inventory? i have quasar inventory if i want to edit?

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It’s partially accessible but you can use it for QS inventory also for ESX.

Is it open enough to add vests, earrings etc?

And change the progress bar?

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It’s already added sir all clothing/accessories to items.
progress bar can be turned on/off or be customized(change).


does it only work with fivem-appearence? i have another clothing shop wouldnt work?

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Actually this is made to fit with fivem-appearance but if you have other clothing shop you can message so we can talk and configure it with yours thanks.

hahahaa can you change the description of this is skin thank you

What do you mean? Didn’t catch that.