Trying to look for a good Taxi script but they are in some form of broken.
I write this base on Heady20006’s AI Taxi Script.

Taxi will be cancel if player :
• Jump off from vehicle
• Driver is dead
• Driver not seated in driver seat of the spawned taxi
• Taxi is trashed ( Destroyed )
• Leave the taxi unattended when it arrive

It can handle change of location, just simply place the waypoint.
You can install mythic_notify and set EnableMythicNotify to true.

You can follow Heady20006 guide to add it into GCPhone which I can’t get it to work.

Bugs :
• Player can take control of the car ( Hijack ) , no idea how to prevent player from hijacking the car.
You can add your own code that handle getting in and out.
( You can get in the passenger seat by going to the other side)
• Driver will drive pass you causing the request to cancel.
• Unknown bug related to LUA that cause the taxi stop responding to you after setting waypoint.

Source Code