ESX Society Remastered + More Options

Is the script only using escrow or it’s connecting to a remote server to check a non escrow license? like the old license system not allowed that makes the script dependant of a 3rd party server to validate?

the first version had third party license checker
but it was my mistake then i changed everything
so now there is no third party license checker or ip lock

only escrow :slight_smile:

nice nice!

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Good job ! Nice support, thx !


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@equalize_r Hello do we have enough access to modify it? as an example I use the legal double job. can we modify the resource to be able to display both?

yes bro its open source

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im use ped for boss menu
how to tringered event
also from policejob esx like that

elseif CurrentAction == ‘menu_boss_actions’ then
TriggerEvent(‘esx_society:openBossMenu’, ‘police’, function(data, menu)

                    CurrentAction     = 'menu_boss_actions'
                    CurrentActionMsg  = _U('open_bossmenu')
                    CurrentActionData = {}
                end, { wash = false }) -- disable washing money

and i register like that is work ?
AddEventHandler(“bossmenu:police”, function(data, menu)
TriggerEvent(‘esx_society:openBossMenu’, ‘police’)

New Update

  • supporting multijobs by core
  • supporting multi character

@equalize_r goes the extra mile for his customers and helps with every step of deployment. My server has a very tricky way of handling multijobs, while also still working with multiple whitelisted jobs at the same time - and he has been working with me on the solution to utilize this script.

100/100 would recommend him for anyone looking for good development!

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it’s your kind bro thank you :slight_smile:

Hello, nice script. thinking of buying it. i have 2 questions. 1) is working with money as item? For example if i am having 5k in inventory and i deposit to society it will be removed from inventory? 2) is possible to work with qtarget? i don’t want to have markers on my server

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hi, the script is open code, you can do both of your desires, in order to sink it with your inventory system I need some triggers and events from your inventory script and will help you to do that
for targeting system also easy to do because the codes are open I can help you to do it

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Im fairly certian this already works as is for cash as an item.

our server has qs-inventory which does money that way, and non of my department heads using this script has mentioned an issue about depositing or with drawling money.