Esx_society bug


When I want to deposit money into my company,
this message appears in the console

SCRIPT ERROR: @esx_society/server/main.lua:93: attempt to call a nil value (field ‘showNotification’)

handler (@esx_addonaccount/server/main.lua:70)
handler (@esx_society/server/main.lua:91)

Sorry for my english i’m french

change the shownotification to a notification you use.
could be mythic notify could be p-notify.

otherwise try to change the shownotification to esx.shownotification

otherwise inside this notification you use a variable that is nil (has no information)

otherwise delete the whole notification , you dont need it to deposit money :stuck_out_tongue:

the problem as far as i can see is that the showNotification is nil, means it is nothing , you missing information.

if problem remains post the whole code so we can help you.

Thx I’ts work