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Sloth Control Center is a script that allows you to integrate a control center into your FiveM Server. It offers you a variety of ways to coordinate the units.


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Unit Creation

  • Units can be created for any department
  • The units can be named individually
  • Color tags can be assigned to units
  • The script automatically recognizes all employees of the respective department
  • For more convenience there is a search function in the employee list
  • Multiple employees can be assigned to one unit
  • Units can be saved in the database

Unit Management

  • Units are shown in real time on the Control Center Map
  • Units can be edited at any time
  • The control center can write messages to the units
  • Units can be assigned to missions
  • Units can set their status code at any time, this is immediately transferred to the ControlCenter


  • Operations can be created directly on the LiveMap
  • 10 codes, access codes and operation description can be added
  • All assigned units are clearly marked with polylines on the map
  • It is always possible to alert other units to be deployed or to withdraw them
  • The assignments can be edited
  • Operation notes can be created
  • It is possible to write messages to all units in action
  • There is a detailed operational report

Emergency Calls

  • Emergency calls are displayed on the live map and in a table
  • Operations can be created for the respective emergency calls
  • A message can also be sent to the caller
  • The script is fully compatible with GCPhone
  • Other phone scripts or custom scripts can easily be added


  • All features mentioned are fully in sync with other players on the live map
  • It is possible that several players can work in the control center at the same time
  • Various validations and backend steps were installed for the coop so that no errors can occur


  • There are a number of ways to customize this script
  • All icons can be changed individually
  • New departments and new icons for them can be added very easily
  • It is possible to change the map design
  • It is possible to adjust the individual table design, sidebar design, GUI design in the HTML/CSS file

Sloth SpeedCam integration

  • The script also has some features for Sloth Speedcam
  • All Speedcams are displayed on the LiveMap
  • It is possible to edit the speed and the amount of the fine in the Control Center
  • The control center receives notifications of speed violations with all vehicle details directly in the LiveMap


  • Includes a notification system in emergency design (own notification systems can also be used)
  • A detailed installation and configuration guide with screenshots
  • Language files for English and German

Requirements and Dependencies


This script requires ESX Legacy or ESX 1.2
Other versions have not been tested and cannot currently be processed in support

Database Framework

Currently only mysql-async is supported.
Support for other database frameworks is already under development.

Server Version

Server version 5181 or above is required


GCPhone version 2.0 by Jonathan D @Gannon is required to use the emergency call functions. Other versions will certainly work as well, but this one has not been tested.
Optionally, own phone scripts can be used through open event triggers

Sloth Speedcam is required to use the optional Speedcam functions


This resource uses the FiveM Escrow system, as well as encryption in parts of the script.
Customizable events and triggers are in open Lua files.


Code accessible No (Customizable events and triggers are in open Lua files)
Subscription based No
Lines LUA 1630, JS: 1610, HTML: 460, CSS: 180
Support Yes

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so how does this work is it live map of different units?

Yes that is one of the features. As a dispatcher, it is possible to assign vehicles and unit names to employees. These are then displayed on the live map and you can now assign operations to them, see their status, write messages to them, etc.

So it uses escrow and something other then fivem escrow ?

Lua sided is encrypted with escrow but some parts are open source. JS is partly encrypted too.

Hey there. I see you say it only supports mysql. I dont think a lot of people use this anymore. Can you maybe make it oxmysql

Also if this can be integrated with gks phone its sold.

The script is already compatible with oxmysql cause they use the same events.

If this script has public TriggerEvents for emergency messages(job messages) and send messages you can easily integrate it by your own.