[ESX | Sandalone] Save | Health and Armour


If players leave a server and reconnect, their health is ALWAYS set to 100 and their armor (bluelife) is set to 0. This script will change that! When a player leaves the server, it will be saved in the database, and when they reconnect, it will be restored. This ensures that the player always gets the same status they left with.


  • Configuration for customizable settings
  • High performance (0.00ms) for both client and server-side processes
  • saves Health and Armour.


The installation is extremely easy (basically just drag and drop), you can check the README.txt file for it


  • ESX
  • MySQL Database


If you are interested in the script you can find it here

Code is accessible No, Only Config.lua
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~150
Requirements Stated above
Support Yes

:wrench: Update :wrench:

  • Added a cooldown (~10 seconds) to avoid errors on bad computers/servers.
  • Debugging messages have been revised to provide more accurate information.
  • Debugging messages were added on the client side.