[ESX] Rob NPC Script 1.2.0 [PAID] [6.99€]

Getting page not found when trying to download.

Can you try now?

Can we setup a thing if the robbery’s is a succes, the player have a cooldown so that thing not became to much

Good idea. I’ll think about it and I’ll definitely integrate a cooldown option.

QBCore release when?

hmmm i got full spammed in the console…

@MikaGaming Here is a quick fix:
Comment the lines 51 and 55 so they become like this:

-- print(cops)
-- print(targetPed)

ok i dot it ^^ i dont look about print :slight_smile: thanks

[UPDATED to 1.2.0]


++ Added cooldown system [ Configurable ]
++ Animations are now smoother than before
* Fixed a major bug where some NPCs run away when you're trying to rob them

You can get the new version from the same Tebex link
:email: Please contact me in private if you encounter problems trying to download the new update through Tebex

if this was QB I would be all over it! I need something like this.

hello can be cool to add a blacklist ped system… because now when i try to rob a shop… xD the anim start… and broke the script xD

QBCore version is coming out in ~ 1-2 days

@Kerizi @A_Johansson @NoAimGirlKane

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Hell yeaaaaah

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Will it have support to alarm the police at times? In QBCore

All ESX features are working for QB
It will be the same script with configurable options for both ESX and QBCore frameworks