[ESX] [Release] Nekix Vehicle Shop

I’m going to do a qbus version of this script

Update v2.3

- Repaired Ground Bug

Download the latest version
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Hello, very nice Script - I love it <3
But i have 2 problems. :frowning: First Problem is i can not rotate the cars in my car dealer interior. The ass from the car is looking to the door where i go in. :smiley:

And the second problem is there dont save the last position from the vehicle after i buyed a car. I dont know where is my Vehicle. Pls help me :slight_smile:

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I will use it on my server and leave it as is. and I will carry your brand in my heart

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Thanks for your support! <3

when im press E to buy the car nothing happens help?

hello thx for the script, i have a problem… i can buy, but when i go for the garages its says, this is not your vehicle…i have no erros on console im on legacy.