[ESX/QBCORE] ts_centralbankrob


A mission in which you must rob the central bank, hack the safe, and delve into it to steal as much money as you can. The server owner can decide if the people taking part in this mission are real police officers or NPCs. If they are NPCs, a 5-star wanted level will start, like in GTA Online (it can be enable/disable).

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  • Compatible with ESX and QBCORE.
  • Adjust the number and locations of NPCs that appear during the bank robbery mission.
  • Customize the number, model, and positions of police vehicles that appear.
  • Option to enable or disable police notifications during the robbery.
  • Available languages: Spanish, English, and Romanian. You can add more languages.
  • Set the range of money players will receive as a reward for robbing the central bank.


  • Time interval between robberies, preventing mission abuse.
  • Systems for spawning vehicles and police NPCs that will confront the player during the robbery.
  • Activatable notification to alert the police about the ongoing robbery location.
  • Various animations to add a more realistic touch to the mission.
  • Hacking challenge to access the safe.
  • 5 star police search system activated during the robbery.
  • Set time post-robbery before the 5-star level starts to decrease unless there’s nearby police presence.
  • Variable rewards for players.
  • Automatic system to despawn NPCs and vehicles once all police officers have been eliminated.

Note: By purchasing this script, you will receive future updates to the script at no additional cost.

Mini-Update when you rob the money:

  • Added prop for amount of money.
  • Added prop for bundle of bills in player hand.
  • Added synchronized scene for money retrieval.
  • Implemented functions to remove entities after the robbery is completed.


Code is accessible Partially
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements ESX/QBCORE
Support Yes

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