[ESX,QBcore,Standalone] New 2024 Advanced Gym Script + Real Mini Game

PRICE: 15€ + VAT
PURCHASE ON TEBEX: Lorenzo Chica Store

:pushpin: Features

  • Advanced gym script with skills system (strength, stamina, apnea)
  • Mini game where you need to manage your effort
  • Push Up and Sit up can be done anywhere (we advise you to delete the regular pushup/situp animation from your animation script)
  • Fully synchronized animations and props
  • Config.lua hightly configurable
  • Support ESX, QBcore, standalone

:books: Dependencies

:open_hands: Credit

A big thanks to Dolu and Tiwabs for their invaluable assistance and guidance during the development of this script.
I also extend my sincere thanks to the Overextended team for generously providing the resources that have empowered me to bring this script to life. (ox_lib and ox_target)

:world_map: Translation available

  • English
  • French
  • Dutch (Thanks to Slepz for his contribution)

Video Preview :

Other Script :
Advance Hooker Script

Code is accessible Partially
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1000+
Requirements ox_lib / ox_target
Support Yes

Finally a real gym script! Nice!

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Nice work dude ! :hugs:


Nice, Good job Bro :face_holding_back_tears:


Does the stamina gain increase the gtaonline stamina that allows characters to run faster?
You say you have 3 skills but dont say what they do :open_mouth:

When you gain stamina, you will not run faster but you will be able to sprint longer.
For the strength, it will make your player more powerfull when you punch and more resistant. Also the more strength you have, the more weight you can lift at the gym and do repetition on exercice, exemple level 2 of strength, i will be able to do more pushup/sit up (if i manage well my effort) than someone with less strength than me.
For the last, apnea it will allow you to stay longer underwater

Don’t hesitate if you have more questions :slight_smile:

What are all the exercises?

You can see all of them in the video :slight_smile:

Benchpress, freeweight, chin up, push up, sit up (the 2 last, you can do them anywhere with the radial menu of ox_lib)

Nice job, this is incredible bro :+1:t3:

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  • Can you place gyms anywhere?
  • Can players own the gym?
  • Any gym membership fees?

Hello :wave:

My script is based on the use of gym props and adds added value with its mini game where you have full control over the player’s animation (not just pressing E and the player automatically plays the animation)

So yes you can do sport anywhere and in any MLO, just enter the name of the props in the config.lua if they are custom

But no, so there is no possibility of owning a gym or membership card, you will need to combine with another script or dev your own script for this part

I have clients who just add a job, create an item member card and with their door lock system, it closes their MLO, and if no membership card then the players cannot unlock the door to enter in the gym.

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Okay and will you be adding any more exercises/activities? Treadmill, yoga, punching bag, lunges, jump rope etc?

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Not sure but i will try to had treadmill and yoga in the next update (maybe next month), I will need to edit the code because the exercice are really different for this kind of exercices.
At the moment i work only with native animation. Then if one creator of custom anim want to make partnership, i will be glad to discuss with them to add more excercices in the future :slight_smile:

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