[ESX][QBCore soon] Ownable carwash stations


[ESX] Ownable carwash stations

Hi folks,

Here is a free simple script that implement ownable carwash stations in the game.

Blips are updated when a carwash station is put forsale (yellow by default)
or bought by a player (green by default).
Colours can be changed in client code part (will be added asap in the config).

The players can:

  • buy carwash stations
  • players can own multiple
  • players can sell their stations
  • can withdraw the money stored in it

The config can:

  • set the minimum selling price amount
  • the time taken to clean a vehicle
  • customize the blips scale (can customize more in client code)
  • customize markers
  • you can add as many stations as you want in the Config.Zones,
    it will be loaded automatically after a resource restart.

Direct github link : GitHub - Skulrag/skulrag_buyable_carwash: ESX Fivem script that implements ownables carwash

Hope you will appreciate it, don’t hesitate to share and improve / adapt to your needs !

Feel free to open PRs in case you want to add your touch :blush:


Good job

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Thank you !

nice release

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I’m waiting for qbcore eh eh :wink:


@Ze_Bee I’ll try to release it asap, working in it already :slight_smile:
Only have few function calls to change to make it works !


Nice work ! :raccoon:

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Very nice indeed! :grinning:

Also await the Qb-core version :face_with_peeking_eye:


Nice work! Waiting on qb :+1::brown_heart:

Showcase pls? :slight_smile:

@dieselpowerlv I think it’s not necessary as it is a very basic script, if you install it you will quickly understand how it works :grin:

  • Am really sry I have no time to work on a showcase :grimacing:

waitin for qb

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I love it!

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Its fine, im just a bit lazy to plug & test.
But i will. :smiley:

cant get it to work for qb the markers show up an thats it

Its ESX, We are awating the Qb-core version :smile:

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Very good Job :clap:

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Will a showcase be available?

will it work for qb

@Project_Stingz as I said multiple times, yes.

But it takes longer to adapt since I have to rewrite the whole script. And am junior on QBCore.