[ESX] [QBCORE] [PAID] RF21 Realistic Backpack System [Ox_inventory & MF-Inventory & QB-Inventory & LJ-Inventory]

RF21 BackpackSystem for Ox_Inventory, MF-Inventory and QB-Inventory


Richfie21 Backpack System for ox_inventory - YouTube

Better Preview Link (Thanks to Project Rogue)

QB-Inventory Preview
Richfie21 - Backpack System for QB-Inventory - YouTube

Tebex Link:
Richfie21 | RF21 BackpackSystem [ESX] [Ox_Inventory] [MF-Inventory] (tebex.io)

I can create for other Inventory too just message me


  • Realistic Backpack System
  • When you use a backpack it will add weight and slots in your Inventory
  • You can add your own custom backpack skins
  • Allows you to remove and wear backpack
  • Disable changing bag id from store - if you are wearing bag it will change back to what you wear and if you are not wearing it, skin will be back to 0. can be disabled in config.


  • Allows you to modify your own Slots and Weight for (No Bag and Has Bag)
  • Allows you to modify text notifications
  • Allows you to change esx prefixes

If you want a backpack system for other Inventory you can dm me.

This resource is using Asset Escrow system you need server version 5181 above. Asset Escrow


  • ESX & QBCore(qb-inventory atm)
  • ox_inventory
  • qb-inventory
  • mf-inventory

FOR Ox and MF
mythic_notify - GitHub - JayMontana36/mythic_notify: A simple FiveM notification resource - credits to JayMontana36
ox_inventory - I modified an ox_inventory that will only work for the scripts - credits to Overextended/Linden
ox_mysql - GitHub - overextended/oxmysql: MySQL resource for FXServer. - credits to Overextended/Linden

For QBCore(qb-inventory)

Code accessible [No]
Subscription based [No]
Lines (approximately) 400
Requirements [es_extended, ox_mysql, Mythic Notify, ox_inventory]
Support [Yes]

Change Logs:

Add ox progressbar.
Allows you to add your own animations.
Added 2 more backpack sizes Medium and Large Configurable in config.lua
Added compatibility for Modfreaks or mf-inventory Thanks to ModFreaks
Added another 2 New Sizes Extra Large and Double Extra Large
Added compatibility with Qb-Inventory(QBCore) Works only with Lastest QB Core
Support for LJ-Inventory already available
Added Steal Function for ox_inventory - December 7, 2022 (other inventories to be followed)


good job brother. but ox inventory have secondary inventory to use. like container.

it does not touch the secondary Inventory, only the player Inventory

nono i mean ox has feutures of container and easy to add bags or box or anything you want

yeah I know that feature, but I created this one in different way.

Hi, what happens if someone put a bag, inside a bag, inside a bag? Is it possible ? I’m afraid players could have unlimited weight and bags

ohh ok if thats what you said

if you are already wearing a bag you wont be able to use another bag. there’s no 2nd Inventory like stashes, so there will be no unlimited weight bugs.

Change Logs:

Added 2 New bag sizes Medium and Large you can fully configure in conflig.lua

As we got 25+ sales in Backpack System I will be giving 3 days discount for
Backpack System price is now 25$. Thank you everyone!!

Added compatibility for Modfreaks or mf-inventory Thanks to ModFreaks

Dev is super legit, helped me with another script I got from him. Got it working smoothly, then took my request to finish something he started! The above! Stoked for the update and looking forward to more releases! 10/10

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Backpack System is now compatible with the latest QB-Inventory

I have a problem during use. I can’t use my backpack items to expand my backpack space, please tell me how to solve the problem. Thank you, please help me

I use is. ox_inventory

Added Steal Function for ox_inventory - December 7, 2022 (other inventories to be followed)

can you update dc invite url

Join DC to download the latest modified ox_inventory file
but the https cant join your dc

works with quasar inv?

not supported as the inventory is encrypted if u can let me borrow a key maybe i can make it work.