[ESX / QBCore] [PAID] Aquiver Housing System


The script is written in Typescript, so you will have to compile the server and clientside in order to make the script start.

This resource is using Aquiver module, so the resource is working with the compatible frameworks.



This resource will surely eat up more memory and CPU usage then the other housing scripts. We have many calculations during building a house.
Every render is turning on and off frequently, depending what you are doing. If you are a performance wise guy and want to know how things work, I send send examples from the code, how we are dealing with the performance.
Javascript webpacked resources also result in more % in resource manager, do not worry about that, the files are bigger, and also we are storing more data in objects and arrays, not querying the mysql always.

For the HTML performance, we added a feature so you can turn off the images, if you are lagging during building.
If you want none of the images, you can simply delete from the folder, then 404 svg icon will be replaced for them.

Pep talk

About the price, yeah there are easier and more built-in resources with housing systems like loaf-housing which easily setupable with inventories and dressing wardrobes and go on, but if you know what you are doing, you can easily add them to this script also.
Almost spent three months with the script, started writing it in April.
Adding more then +1000 objects with .png images with transparent backgrounds made us crazy. :joy:


  • NodeJS (for installing with npm.)
  • Server version atleast 4752. (to support lua54 & escrow)
  • Aquiver module supported framework & mysql resource. See: Aquiver module compatibles
  • Game version should not matter, but we used the latest 2612 version. (For more objects to be present.)


  • Creating and deleting houses ingame with NUI panel.
  • Dimension system for entities such as objects, etc.
  • Works with custom MLO interiors. (easy to add)
  • Furnituring system. (with .png images in NUI)
  • House building sytem (walls, floors, etc.) for more explanation please watch the video.
  • Objects are spawned serverside, you can add a checker there and load your inventory stashes from there. (objects have unique mysql ids)
  • +700 objects (with images), you can add additional.
  • Share keys with others to build house together.
  • Locking / Unlock
  • Locale files
  • etc.

FAQ / Issues / More information

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based Yes & No (explained above)
Lines (approximately) Typescript ~7000 + json files and NUI, so lot
Requirements Explained above with more information.
Support Yes

Wow this is a really well put together script! The fact you can create such high quality places of your own design is just beautiful! Well done! :+1:


Really good building mod, first time i see something like that!
The sims vibes. :smiley:

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You state “Code is accessible”, but a specific build number is required for escrow. Are any of the files in this package escrowed?

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The main source code is accessible, only one or two loading events are locked with escrow.
I needed it against the leakers, but the encrypted file is literally 10-15~ lines.

Thank you for the clarification.

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nice bro

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Great tool, first time i see something like this.

Are the props (walls etc) gta default or custom ones? And if they are custom, how easy is it for someone to create new ones?