ox_inventory support?

yess bro

I don’t know what you did with one map because it only causes problems at the meeting point and I don’t know which esx version you built it on, but you can’t create new hotels, there are only errors, if you follow the documentation, everything doesn’t work way too much money for more mistakes than anything and the tickets are just closed so bad of you

Its fixed sir.

With the new update, it is compatible with 4K and 2K Screens.

So the thing with the map has unfortunately not been fixed, it is the original meeting point, the server is running on the latest enforceGameBuild 2944, no other map has been turned on, it must be on the 0r_map, but when you turn it on it starts like this, whether you are in a 2 dimenson is and the other buildings disappear

We did the update from November 26th, now he’s making a mistake again and he’s no longer putting the hotels in the database, he’s just creating the column
Screenshot 2023-11-28 095555