• Multiple room types are available.
  • The Server Owner can create a Hotel or Apartment wherever and however he wishes.
  • You can add garages to motels. There is a right to park 1 car per room.
  • Players can rent a room for as long as they want. The rental agreement is terminated when the room rental period is exceeded.
  • Players can extend their current rental period.
  • Players can write a review about the rooms they rent and rate them by giving stars.
  • The Motel or Apartment owner has a boss menu. And it can do anything from this menu. (Not as much as admin)
  • Two types of rooms can be created: with teleport or with MLO.)
  • Players can open motel rooms via lockpick.
  • Players can give each other room keys or take them back.
  • Automatic and manual payment options are available for billing.
  • In Motel, players can increase their stash weight in exchange for money as much as the server owner allows.
  • Metadata System is available. You can assign room keys to a unique item.
  • Players can change the wall colors of their Double Plus type rooms.
  • The owner of the motel or apartment can change the garage colors of the motel.
  • Players can shower in motel rooms.
  • The motel owner may discount room rates.



The construction of the project took 6 months.

Supported Inventories:

  • ox_iventory
  • qs-inventory
  • core_inventory
  • qb-inventory

NOTE: Except for Apartmant MLO water, other maps are not included.

Thanks Quadria For Maps

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based :x:
Lines (approximately) 5000
Requirements (a lib - escrow)
Support :white_check_mark:

looks good

Thx broo

Very good job

Is the inventory stuff open to edit so you can modify it to an inventory you are using? like i use core_inventory, normally not supported.

can you change the amount of cars to be parked in a garage?
If not, with the garage being so big can you other peoples cars parked in the garage?

EDIT: Can discount code HALLOWEEN50 be used on this too?

Hi thx bro :heart:

Hello, 1 car can be parked for each room. The discount is valid for the script.

Yes broo

Is the inventory functions, for stash modifiable?

I tried using code, and it said I couldnt. Ill hit a ticket in your discord.

Hey, create a ticket, our support team will inform you about this issue when they wake up.

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try again, problem solved

Sadly these 0resmon scripts dont work as good as they look…

Hello, which script did you purchase and did you have a problem? If you want, create a ticket on our discord and tag @adeztr and we will support you. If the problem is not resolved I can issue a refund.

very good :ok_hand:

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  • Adaptations have been made for qb-inventory , lj-inventory , and qs-inventory.
  • German, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, English language support added.
  • Added Config.MotelGarages option to config_main.lua file. Those who wish can bypass motel garages.
  • Added support for qb and lj and qs inventories.
  • Motel Blip colors are now different from each other.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the reception menu.
  • A new Motel has been added.

At the moment it seems will only supports 1080p anything else will break the ui and seeing as people play on anything from 1080p to 4k this is a problem. so be careful when buying.

Yes sir, there is such a thing right now. However, soon our script will be 4K and 2K compatible. Thank you for reporting.

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If you use illenium-appearance and go to the wardrobe you get errors

Sir, you made the clothing adaptation wrong.

We left it like that because it was already set