👜 [ESX][QBCore] Luxury Clothes Theft

Can I use addon vests?

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Hi, yes sure you can :ok_hand:

This script is really not as good as others. To use it with another peer system, such as a Dispatch (which is used by everyone on any server) is quite difficult to adapt correctly.

The creator on the ticket simply rudely tells you the following: “adaptation has to be done by the buyer” and doesn’t give you much help beyond that.

And beware of wanting to change the framework from ESX to QB… they are going to want to charge you again for the scripts you have already bought.

Not recommended.

All your complains are completely pointless since you used all the scripts for almost 1 year without complaining. So what if the other framework version didn’t exist at all? You would complain anyway.

I’ve used it as long as I’ve used it, the Support is still just as terribly bad. You are also not open to any sort of compromise or understanding so obviously I have to use the scripts I paid hundreds of € for (?) .

The times I’ve used support have been dire, the worst being this last time where you force me to pay another €70 to simply switch frameworks.

I simply can’t edit the code for your own server, there are over 6000 members in my server so you can’t expect me to work on your own stuff

Nobody forces you to pay anything, simply don’t get the scripts

Of course… “Nobody forces you to pay anything, just don’t buy the scripts” as your support is simply not giving a solution to anything…, that’s it, but I would like to be able to use a script for which I have paid (quite money) without having to keep paying for anything. That’s why I complain.

For having bad support for 1 year of use and on top of continuing to have that nefarious Technical Support even for something as simple (and that all stores in the world do out of respect for their customers) like changing a framework script.

I am within my rights to put my feedback, neither more nor less. I advise you not to waste time replying to every sincere opinion I give about your work (for which I have paid hundreds of €)

There are around 20 tickets per day, if the support was so bad as you say, there would be at least 5 bad reviews daily about it. So this speaks for itself

Sure you can leave reviews, even if they are bad I accept them, the only thing I don’t accept is lying, if the scripts were bad as you are saying, you wouldn’t have waited 1 year till you decided to switch framework.

Rapid example: when you buy a PS4 game and you switch to XBox one, you don’t get the game for free, actually you don’t get even a discount. Additionally, it’s written nowhere that the version you get will work on all frameworks, you have just to read to understand that

Well… if you had a review channel on your community maybe they’d see each other. But since we can only comment on the forum and on top of that you dedicate yourself to responding and attacking those who give a negative review…

I have the script, yes, it’s not like you offer the possibility of a refund, either (always covered by the beloved TEB****, otherwise another rooster would sing). How am I supposed to get rid of it? Well, I can’t, that’s why I have it and use it, I’ve spent the money for something.

But that doesn’t mean that I can’t give my opinion what I want (this being negative) more so when every time I go to support I get a worse surprise.

Regarding your example. If I have a PS4 game, I could exchange it and buy the XBOX game and if a lot of time has passed, then I sell the game and buy the other one. You know perfectly well that here the buyer is always absolutely right thanks to whom we both know. Do not continue there because it would be an infinite debate.

I understand the situation. Besides all, the last thing I want to say to you is that I spend a lot of effort on all my scripts, because I care and I want that people are able to create their server easily, and I want people to save their time to allow them spending efforts in managing the community more than scripting

I hope you will have success with your server, I wish you the best anyway :heart:

I like this :grin:

Update 2.6

  • Updated the text which appears on translations error, to avoid doubts
  • Updated internal function which could cause crash in very rare cases