[ESX/QBCORE] Gas Station Creator In Game - Owneable & manageable by players


With this script you can create unlimited gas stations owneable by players that can manage fuel prices, station name, upgrade station to get more fuel capacity, see statistics, hire employees and setting specific permissions for each and many more. The design is easily customizable as shown in preview video and there are already 3 predefinited themes that you can use! The refuel system have 4 different fuels, basic, electric, premium, nitro. The premium and nitro fuel can be customized from config to give a specific boost amount to the vehicle.

Preview: Youtube

Buy: Tebex (14.99€)

Config Preview: Pastebin


Code is accessible Only Configs & HTML
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1000+
Requirements ox_lib
Support Yes
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Fixed QBCore framework errors