🚪 [ESX/QBCore] Doors Creator - Easily create doors in-game

cl_integrations.lua → KEY_TO_TOGGLE_DOOR_STATUS

About the hide door icon it seems a good idea with an export

Make it so we can put the doors into folders :slight_smile: save scrolling through 30 pages of doors.

Awesome , been using this for a couple of years now

hopefully there will be an option to have day/night hours so shops or other buildings are open during the day but closed during the night :slight_smile:

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Update 3.5.3

  • Added warning in case the item label can’t be retrieved for any reason
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Update 3.6

  • Disabled automatic shared object refresh by default, now it will refresh automatically when editing/creating/deleting jobs with Jobs Creator to improve performance

Please make it possible to setup more than one item to open doors. It would help me much.

Update 3.7

  • Added a warning message in case your server doesn’t allow current_config.json overwrite (causing the issue that doesn’t update the settings)

Update 3.8

  • Updated the not allowed menu

Update 4.0

  • Added new export to toggle the icon/text display in documentations
  • Added possibility to “bulk” add doors, this will allow you to create doors in buildings way faster
  • Now by default “heading” will be preferred over “ratio”
  • Removed “vault” option from “buildings” since it was useless

Update 4.1

  • Fixed that menu got stuck in “bulk creation” if no doors were selected
  • Fixed a bug that repeated the same door creation in “bulk creation”
  • Added feature to auto center icon in door (works even with double doors)

Update 4.2

  • Optimised the interactions points performance (may require additional testing but should work fine)

Update 4.3.1

  • Added auto detection of inventory (with ox-inventory and qs-inventory)
  • Fixed error that happened with qs-inventory
  • Added Hungarian language
  • Added Chinese language

Suggestion :

Option to choose the sound the lock makes when opening and closing.

Hey Jacksam,

just a little suggestion due to a use case we have:
What about the possibility to have teleportation doors, e. g. you have a hotel or just a house in which you want to get teleported, and you can open it if you have the permissions (editable by the house owner).

Is that possible?


Great script! small suggestion: for QB, add a config option for police (jobtype == ‘leo’) to be able to open using a stormram (police_stormram)