[ESX, QBCore] dillish Phone Tracker (NUI)

Hi, this is a simple phone tracking script where the police can track the players phone number and get information about the number and they can also track the approximate location of the players. If you have any questions about the script join my discord server and open a ticket.

Video preview: [FiveM] PHONE TRACKER | ESX, QBCORE - YouTube


  • Sleek and modern NUI.
  • You can track other people’s phone numbers and get their approximate location.
  • 0.00 ms.
  • Easy to configurate.


  • The script is locked with Tebex’s Escrow technology.
  • Code are written and compiled in Vue.
  • If you have any questing open a ticket in our disocrd.


Code is accessible No, only config.lua to configurate the script
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 530
Requirements QBCore, ESX
Support Yes

Lookin good :hot_face:

fire script just bought it and tested it but is there any u can make it so that the an item can trigger opening the ui since the blimp stays on for a certaain amount of time it would be easier to use with a item

Thanks for the suggestion, it’s fixed you can download the latest update on keymaster.

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thank you and appreciate the fast moving prolly the fastest in five m history lmao

also small suggestion to add multiple phone item names also check messages


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Does this work with GKSPhone?

Very cool script!

Update Log

  • Fixed a small bug with the zone when tracking.
  • You can whitelist more than one item you need to wear to track the person.

Update Log

  • You can now buy open source code