[ESX/QBCore] Coupon code redeem script for FiveM | ss-redeem

Hello, gamers today I am going to release another UI script ss-redeem. In this script, admins can create coupon codes that the players can redeem in game.

Description :teacher:

With this script, you can create coupon codes for

  • Redeem Inventory Item :iphone:
  • Redeem Vehicles :taxi:
  • Redeem Cash :money_with_wings:
  • Redeem Bank Money :bank:
  • Redeem Black Money / Dirty Money :moneybag:

Features :biting_lip:

  • Admin can generate coupon codes.
  • Players can redeem coupon codes with redeem code.
  • You can set a limit that how many players can redeem.
  • One player can redeem a coupon only once.
  • You can set an expiry date of generated coupon codes.
  • A coupon will expire automatically when entered number of people redeem this coupon. For example, if I set that only 3 players can redeem this coupon, the coupon will automatically expire after 3 redeems.
  • Coupons will also expire automatically on the expiry date that an admin set.
  • See Demo and screenshots below for a better understanding.

Installation :hammer_and_wrench:

  • install sql/install.sql in your server database.
  • add ensure ss-redeem in server.cfg or resources.cfg

Configurations { }

  • Config.AdminCommand is for admin by which admin can create redeemable coupons.
  • Config.OpenCommand is for users by which users can redeem coupons with coupon codes.
Config                     = {}
Config.OpenCommand         = 'redeem'
Config.AdminCommand        = 'createcoupon'
Config.ownedVehiclesDBName = 'player_vehicles'
-- looks like this: 'LLL NNN'
-- The maximum plate length is 8 chars (including spaces & symbols).
Config.PlateLetters        = 3
Config.PlateNumbers        = 3
Config.PlateUseSpace       = false
Config.defaultGarage       = 'pillboxgarage'

Demo Video :point_down:

Watch Below Video or Click here to watch

Screenshots :framed_picture:

Buy Now from Tebex [ESX/QBCore] :shopping_cart:

Other Scripts :point_down:

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 3000
Requirements Standalone
Support Yes
FiveM escrow system is used in client.lua of this script. You’ll be having full control on server.lua. If you need any clarification or need an unencrypted one you can contact me.

Buy link :frowning:

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@iSheesho Sorry It came to my knowledge now that my post is approved by FiveM mods. I have updated the purchase link you can buy now if you want. Thanks.

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For esx or qbcore?

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Its available for both ESX and QbCore

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nice esx or qb?

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@LVSDev It’ll be having two files one for ESX and another one for QBCore.

A very unique script! :smiling_face:

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Thanks man :heart:

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Update for ESX version.

  • Fixed a minor bug during save vehicle in garage for cd_garage . Now the script will work fine with all garages including esx_garage .
    Thanks :heart:
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  • Fixed some minor UI bugs.
  • Optimised it from the client side.