[ESX, QB] Zyke's Minimalistic Drugsell

[ESX, QB] Zyke’s Minimalistic Drugsell

Hello! Glad I caught your interest with this post.

What is this?
This is a minimalistic sell script I made if you want to keep it simple, yet not too basic. I added the ability to decide your own price as a fun little addition to keep it from simply being a script where you spam E and sell after a few seconds. There’s also features for the customer to call the deal off and even call the police if you with to keep that setting on. Just all around reliable and fun to use in-game.

TLDR - Script features:
Extensive config to change all values
Fun additions such as deciding price and chance to call cops if price is ridiculous
Stress tested and optimized

Showcase: Or Click Here

Config: Or Click Here

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Code is accessible Partially
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 400+
Requirements ESX / QB-Core
Support Active support

Is there any way I can pay extra to customize this script? I’ve been looking for a drug sell script like this except I don’t like having to choose the amount to sell for. I like the amount random.

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I take this as a suggestion and I’ll have it added before the end of the day for both QB and ESX. :slight_smile:

This has now been added and pushed for both ESX & QB-Core.

Resmon values ?

this is :fire:
Only problem is, the customers wont come to me, they just stand where they spawned

That’s odd, did you change any values?

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Idle is 0.0ms
Inside / Close to zone 0.03ms

There’s a few settings:
Marker adds about 0.03ms when displayed
Press E hint adds about 0.02ms-0.03ms.

Whilst using the resource it’s at 0.06ms max, which is inside / close to zone at 0.03ms + drawing text that adds 0.03ms.

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I changed some things, but even after using the original setup its the same…I have to walk to first customer, and once I sell to him the next customers come to me as should.

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Okay, I will check that out as soon as I have time. Is it always the first customer after restarting the script or is it some specific scenario?

Ok cool. And it seems random…always the first customer, but then sometimes the 3rd customer just stands there, sometimes the 5th etc

Okay, thanks for letting me know. Will look into this as soon as I have time.

There was an issue where the script didn’t stop and load the models properly, which is now fixed. You can download it from your keymaster, client/main.lua was the only changed file.

Works perfect now :ok_hand: Thanks for the quick fix!

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My first time buying a script its not working do i need to unlock the script or something help.

Bro this script is so dope. Can you add an option to sell more than 1 gram at a time? For example I want to sell a random amount from 1-10 grams.

Not sure if you’re the one who submitted this on Discord, but I’ve already received this suggestion. I will add it as soon as I find time but I just got sick so I’m not on my computer too much.

Will update here and on Discord once this is added.

Which framework are you using and do you have any errors?

This has now been updated for both ESX & QB and can be downloaded from your Keymaster. :slight_smile:

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Bro thank you for all the updates! How about adding in props for the trade and allow us to change the prop?