[ESX/QB] VMS_TUNING | Most Advanced Tuning System & Installation of Parts!

The customer customizes their car and than pays right? And the tuner installs?

That’s right, you can set it for each tuning point

I bought this a few days ago and I realized that the chameleon paint that appears in the video is not there

Of course that it exists and is provided by vms_tuning, if it didn’t exist it wouldn’t be presented on the script video, make sure you have updated your GTA 5.

I have already updated my game but the paint does not work

:computer: UPDATE 1.0.4

[+] Added free cam, you can use it holding RMB or scroll to zoom
[+] Added billing send_bill_to_player - when paying, the tuner will have the option to send a bill to the player who is closest, after sending the player receives a generated receipt with all the information and you wait for payment or cancel it.
- Config.BillMoneyToSocietyPercent: Do you want the company to receive a % from paid billing of tuning a vehicle?
- Config.BillMoneyToTunerPercent: Do you want the tuner to receive a % from paid billing of tuning a vehicle?
[+] Added coordinates for all workshops to Config.InstallationPartsPoints
[+] Added Config.VehiclesPricesByClass to config.vehicles.lua and changed function CL.getVehiclePrice in config.client.lua
[+] Added Dashboard and Interior colors (update vehicle properties functions in your core using our documentation)
[/] Improved the preview of smoke from the tires on the vehicle
[/] Improved loading of livery ID, now the first is as none

Bill preview:

Can you talk to the person whose vehicle you want to modify while using the modification menu?

Yes you can

:computer: UPDATE 1.0.5

[/] Fixed a bug related to permanently running headlights when changing their color in the menu
[/] Removed BILL button for client who selects parts, option only available when mechanic selects tuning options

:computer: UPDATE 1.0.6

[+] Added loading to RGB palette current color if set as RGB
[+] Added Config.UseAdvancedWheelsInstallation: advanced wheel installation to the vehicle - installing each wheel separately
[+] Added Config.HelpUI: Help UI for advanced part installation which can prompt the player what they need to do now
[+] Added spray particles for painting
[+] Added primary and secondary color type - for RGB only (Required to use updated VehicleProperties from documentation)
[+] Added new wheel types:
* Bennys Originals
* Bennys Bespoke
* Street (Minimum build: 2060)
* Track (Minimum build: 2372)
[+] Added Config.OnInstallationPart to config.installationparts.lua, this allows you to add a custom function when the option is installed for example for the VehicleDeformation resource at the repair option
[+] Added Config.RequestMoneyToTunerPercent: If you want the tuner to receive a % from request of tuning a vehicle
[/] Fixed sending tuning request when there is no mechanic around
[/] Fixed lack of registered workshop in Config.InstallationPartsPoints if you use advanced parts installation
[/] Fixed tyre smoke color and RGB Xenon Colors for QB-Core (Required to use updated QB VehicleProperties from documentation)
[/] Changed discount code input to normal character size, as discount codes have different letters.

:computer: UPDATE 1.0.7

[+] Compatibility with mysql-async
[+] Compatibility with old ESX using essentialmode (error was due to lack of ESX.RegisterCommand, now use oldESX = true option in Config.AdminDiscountCodesCommand)
[+] Split Config.ColorsList from a single price for the color of each part to each part separately: primary, secondary, pearlescent, dashboard, interior, wheel
[+] Added to SV.WebhookText new webhook TUNING_ACCEPTED_REQUEST
[+] Turkish language translation added thanks to one customer
[/] Fixed bug related to repairing/washing vehicles without using the manual parts installation option
[/] Changes in logs from vehicle hash to vehicle model name
[/] The webhook regarding BILL payments has been edited adding the nickname and id of the mechanic
[/] Fixed spray from a can when repainting a vehicle without using target system

:computer: UPDATE 1.0.8

[/] Bug fix for QB-Core

:computer: UPDATE 1.0.9

[/] Fixed an important bug that caused several errors related to using the same variable in ox_lib and vms_tuning, which caused the values used in vms_tuning to be overwritten by ox_lib when you used Config.Menu = ‘ox_lib’ or Config.TargetResource = ‘ox_target’.
[+] New license plate styles added for game build 3095 users (If you’re not using this build and don’t have these license plates, just remove the translations of the names of these plates from config.translation.lua)

awesome script

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Please add that u need items like hood, wheels, exhaust pipe and add Realistic spray, you can see colored smoke, than the script is perfect :frowning: