[ESX] [QB] T1GER Mechanic System

Nice script bro !!


already have V1, definetely gotta get V2 now!!!


Is it possible to add levels to parts?

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it looks cool. I have been buying your key system for a very long time, will it be compatible with this scenario? I use cd_garage and it has its own mileage system, can it be used instead of yours?

i have a question my tow truck dont spawn at the ping and where i can configure ?

(mechanic system)


This script is beautiful.

One question I have, you are able to have more than one mechanic shop job location, correct? My ideal scenario is to have all mechanic shops player controlled as my community grows.

Thank you!


Going on my buy list then. Thank you!

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bought this and using but its not fully working in my server

Does this system not allow players to modify vehicles, such as body kits and car colors

Nope. There’s a tuning system about to release very soon. It will cover cosmetics, upgrades, paint jobs etc.

so currently we can run this alongside for example, another vehicle cosmetics script? Such as jim mechanic?

I wanted to buy the mechanics and tuning system, but from what I see it is completely abandoned, the users are complaining and the discord is also dead, they have deactivated the messages, other than that they don’t pay any attention to the tickets. Luckily I realized it.