do you wont to give realease a standalone version that will work nut in twter will show steam name

did you ever get this figured out? currently having the same problem i saw it says add id in line 148 server.lua but idk how…

@RoyaleWind looks dope, is there a way to make a command for police to use chat to talk to only other police ?

yes you can make in ther server file to send it only to the police
like the staff chat

how hard would it be ?

how to set up the discord logs?

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everything works for me, except that the staff chat doesn’t work, or the admin chat and the job chats. I have the standard QB jobs active and somehow it is not recognized. Could you please help me? Would be really grateful :slight_smile:

Anyway to make the chat only visible when active on QB?

i need help,when other players join to my server, script need restart to work for all player

I dont know how can i add the LB-Phone can you help me for esx

i got an problem and i cant use staff chat and everything that has admin perms i got admin on tx admin and i logged in to my fivem acc i have my steam open

Thank you :slight_smile:

chat cheks esx pems not tx

and how can i fix my problem?

I installed the script, but I can’t see the messages I send in (Discord webhook works fine, but I don’t see the messages in game)