[ESX/QB] Rw_chat [FREE]

Hahhahaha Array

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yes yes make fun of me but remeber when you where begging me to give you my chat ? ahahaha

im not trying to be funny and if its not mine then with that logic its not yours, you should at least have respect for stealing my script. You have been reported to cfx staffs, Have A Nice Day.

i it is not yours bro and I never begged you

how it can be yours if it has qb support and all of these features [ it is a grand rp inspiration just accepted and do not cry because I have a better chat and free]

lmaoo everyone can do a qbcore convert + i didnt say you begged me i was talking about gkanballz

its cool but now better because is not working for me. I have the last version of qbcore and the last fivem artifact and after i connect to the server the input message appear, i can write the text but after i press enter i can;t see the message. If i refresh and restart the rw_chat and i write something it works fine. If i reconnect to the server same problem, message is not appear.

Anyway to make it smaller the text is massive on 4k monitor etc

Very Good And Useful Script @RoyaleWind continue the great work