[ESX/QB][PAID][50% OFF] 🎤 New Karaoke Script | Recordings,Beats, Lyrics, Unlimited Songs

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:pill: AP Karaoke :pill:
introducing an Extraordinary FiveM Karaoke Experience!

:diamonds: Universal Framework Support: Compatible with both ESX and QBCore, offering versatility to seamlessly integrate with your server’s preferred framework.

:diamonds: Intuitive UI Design: Seamlessly navigate through an intuitive user interface, ensuring an engaging and enjoyable karaoke experience for everyone.

:diamonds: Exclusive Payment System: Elevate each karaoke session with a time-limited payment system, adding an element of exclusivity to the musical festivities.

:diamonds: Personalized Props: Transform your karaoke stage with custom props, adding a unique touch to every performance.

:diamonds: Versatile Prop Placement: Enjoy creative freedom by spawning karaoke props anywhere on your server, crafting the perfect stage for unforgettable moments.

:diamonds: Persistent Database Saves: Ensure uninterrupted karaoke sessions with database saves, guaranteeing continuity even after server restarts.

:diamonds: Effortless Prop Management: Easily maintain your environment with a convenient delete option, allowing the removal of placed props with ease.

:diamonds: Infinite Song Choices: Unleash your musical creativity by singing any song you desire, whether it’s a personal favorite or from our carefully curated preset list or enhance your musical library by seamlessly playing songs through YouTube links, providing endless entertainment possibilities.

Purchase Here On: https://anxietypills.tebex.io/category/scripts

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nice work brother awsome

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thanks man :slight_smile:

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keep up

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will do :heart:

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where does the money go and where does the recordings go

recordings are sent to your discord once you set it up from the config.lua, currently money is only removed from players as its not as a job soon there will be a job update for this so money will go into society funds :wink:

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which option in cofig is for discord sorry for being a pain Config.RecordsUrl = ‘’ this?

add your webhook into config.RecordsURL

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I’ve been inactive for the past 2 months i apologize i will return to working soon and a locale update will be pushed :slight_smile: