[ESX/QB/OX/STANDALONE] LB Phone - Advanced & performance friendly phone

for some reason some of lb-phone commands are not working like /setbattery /togglecharging
and i cant recharge the phone when its dead

There are no such commands. Use exports to set the battery level and toggle charging.

fire phone! good work

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Thank you, but can u give me an example on how to do so?

thank you one more thing about app making for the phone can i have some info on that ?

There is information at the docs on how to create custom apps. You can also check out our examples

I currently use another popular phone script , but the last update made all the names and logos lore friendly… I dont like it all. I have 2 questions…

Will it stay the same as it is visually?

if i do the monthly for a trial and decide to out straight out buy, would i have to change much of anything?

Not sure what you mean. You can change the names and logos of apps, however, we advise against using trademarked names and copyrighted images.

There is no difference in the script between the monthly and lifetime versions. All changes can be kept.

ya please give example how to use export to set battery ? what script

Examples can be found on the docs. Exports, events & commands | LB Phone and Exports, events & commands | LB Phone

i now export… can u show the video tutorial how to make 1 item powerbank use n charges this phone…

support multi jobs?