[ESX/QB] Motel Script

We also expect the same on our server.


  • Added auto payment (it takes money when the rent days are over)
  • Added ped spawning option so you can access the rent menu via qb-target
  • Fixed an error when using lockpick

Upcoming updates

  • manual motel management (employee system)
  • esx version
  • ox lib menus
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Update - 2/6/2023

Tebex Link (ESX Version)

question i am getting this error when i load in the script (i did replace the pink cage motel instead of add in the config jus saying) it says the motel is not registered?

Can you help me to connect my inventory for your script ?

For my app.js I have other stuff in there so line 571 may be different. What code should the update to that file be after?

any fix?

Make sure the minZ is properly set underground of the motel.

i used /pzcreate on qb.core and it does that for me. would that one not be correct?

Good evening, I have a little problem with your Motel script which uses oxmysql while my server uses mysql-async.

I changed the line ‘@mysql-async/lib/MySQL.lua’ in fxmanifest.lua, the script works without errors except when I try to rent a house.

Could you help me ? I would solve the problem myself but I don’t have the open source version
you could put a variant in the config.lua which allows you to select the sql to use.

Your discord is abandoned, I’ve been waiting for your response for several days, thank you.

Otherwise I will have to file a tebex and paypal dispute.

Update to oxmysql. Go ahead and threaten more, thank you.

From requirements in this thread to the my tebex store, I have put on everywhere that oxmysql is a dependency so it’s not my fault for not supporting what’s dead. Have a good day!


I am not going to change my entire server which is more than 5 years old just for your script, especially since I have already tried with oxmysql and I have the same errors the problem is that no support is served on your discord “sell it’s simple”.

I have scripts that cost a lot more than yours that work with mysql-async.

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I need help when i try and use the motel key it does not open the door which confuses me alot can u drop what i would need to put in my ox inv for the key to work.