💰 [ESX/QB] Loot Bags | By: Petris Services

Petris FiveM Services | Loot Bags Script

It is a highly optimized system that allows your players to have fun looting someone smoothly and fast.

:movie_camera: PREVIEW VIDEO: Petris Services - FiveM | 💰 [ESX/QB] Loot Bags - YouTube
:memo: DOCUMENTATION: Petris Services - FiveM | :moneybag: [ESX/QB] Loot Bags - Gitbook

:snail: Features

  • ESX Legacy & QBCore Compatible.
  • Server-Sided Onesync Infinity Compatible Objects.
  • Full-Optimized Resource.
  • Synced & Well-Looking Bag Collection Animation.
  • Latest Death Blip.
  • Debug Prints.

:gear: Configuration

  • Framework (ESX/QBCore)
  • Toggle Debug Mode
  • Bag Object
  • Object Expiration Toggle & Duration
  • Death Blip Toggle & Expiration Duration
  • Blacklisted/Whitelisted Locations List
  • Loot In Bag (Weapons/Items/Money) [On/Off]
  • Translation Strings
  • Death Event
  • Is Player Lootable Open Function
  • Player Loaded Open Function
  • Can Player Collect Bag Open Function
  • Notify Player Open Function

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:snail: Resource Information

Code is accessible Yes/No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 700+
Requirements ESX Legacy/QBCore
Support Yes via Discord
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Your inventory???

Not for sale.

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Hi I think this would be a better resource if looting had a UI to select what u want + blacklisted jobs and certain items players cant loot!

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:wave: Hey, @RacksyLVL

Thanks for your suggestion. I’m not a front-end developer and that’s why I didn’t think of implementing a User Interface in it. Although, it’s a nice suggestion, and thank you for that. Also, certain items that can’t be looted feature is a great idea.

Blacklisted jobs that can not collect feature is already possible. You can see this in the script’s documentation by going to the client framework configuration.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll consider implementing it in the next update of this script. :grinning:

Nice release,a different script that you cant find easy,good work! :sparkling_heart::rocket:

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:new: Update v1.0.1 | 10.05.2023 - Learn More from the Documentation Link Below

very nice script good job

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Thanks! More, coming soon. :soon:

Will this work with Quasar Inventory?

I suggest you purchase the script open source so you can make every function of it compatible with your inventory. The code is clean, so you can change it easily.

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:arrow_down: Prices Dropped!

The lootbag system is really good.
Especially the config is so easy to understand.
And Petri also helps in an emergency with the integration of systems top creator.
Every roleplay server should offer something like this to its players.
I would recommend it

And the price is very fair

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Hello for an update you can use Esx menu default with buttons steal all and some other that will contain the bag items and you can pick which item you want to take from the bag.

Thank you so much! I’ll try to publish some more good scripts, soon. :grinning:

Thanks for your suggestion. :v:

I’ll have it in mind for the next version of it.