YouTube showcase: GKSPHONEv2 - FiveM
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  • 2 completely realistic and innovative UI interfaces (OS - MD)
  • Unique (meta) phone feature,
  • More than 40 realistic and functional applications,
  • Application gallery to download the applications you want,
  • A realistic live broadcast application,
  • The most advanced social media application; Squawk!
  • The most advanced messaging application,
  • Improved infrastructure and high optimization,
  • Free updates focused on players and innovation

Documentation: https://docs.gkshop.org/

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based Yes/No
Lines (approximately) 18000~
Requirements esx or qb-core, oxmysql
Support Yes

Holy shit! This is awesome


I love these guys I was a customer years ago it’s been 3-4 years! trouble-free and quality service


Is there a discounted price for existing customers switching over to v2?

Yes, we give discount coupon to v1 customers
For this, contact us via Discord.

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add two apps and call it version 2… there we go

Yes, such comments can be made without knowing anything about the phone.

If you ignore features such as new applications and design changes in V2, phone frame and operation from 2 OS phones, all coding and SQL infrastructure changes, changes to basic features and functions such as unique features, you can make such a comment :slightly_smiling_face:

is this still in beta?

The reason we call it beta version is that there are missing applications for the full version. Our V2 product has no errors that prevent its use.

ok. I use the V1 but I see I have access to GKSPHONEv2-QB but when I download it, it says GKSPHONEv2-Beta is this the correct one or do I have to buy again?

No need to buy again. You have up to date files

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