[ESX & QB] [FREE] cs-battlepass system

Hello, this is our second script we shared.

We will start publishing our paid works very soon.

  • 0 Resmon Client and Serverside
  • ESX & QBCore Support
  • Premium and normal user point system for reward.
  • It can be configured easily.
  • Multiple item support
  • Premium and normal user point system for reward.
  • You can edit colors from Javascript and CSS files.
  • Compatible with every screen resolution, if you send the problematic screen resolution or fix it yourself and send me a message, we can share it as an update.



Other Scripts

cs-carhud updated


excellent job bro

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Available with mysql-async ?

You can use OXMysql exports by converting them to mysql-async .

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nice release

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how to convert sir

You can edit config.lua to convert from ESX to QBCore or from QBCore to ESX.

For sql


gj friend

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Not working for QbCore!

[script:cs-battlepass] SCRIPT ERROR: citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:867: No such export fetchSync in resource oxmysql

Do you have oxmysql installed on your server?

yes my friend

Hmmmmm, If I can see a problem by trying again with qbcore and oxmysql, I will post an update.

If I can’t find the problem, unfortunately you’ll have to fix it yourself, because I don’t know the files you’re using.

nice system

please try… im using an updated version of QbCore

gonna check my oxmysql version… ill give you feedback soon

Ok… updated oxmysql, i get no errors now. But i try the command and nothing happens. What am i missing here?

Can you try typing /asd? Config.lua may have integration srtcomings.

/asd is working… the command set on config.lua doesn`t

Good Job

works with multicharacter?