🩸 [ESX/QB] Core Evidence UPDATED V2 - Bullet shells, Fingerprints, Blood samples, Archives [Paid]

good work!

This script is a game-changer, i want it for my roleplay server. Interactions and UI is good, script customization. All servers must have this script.

The system is simply brilliant, I used it and so the police have more to do when someone is injured or killed, they can investigate, collect evidence and follow up on it. On the other hand, the crime players can destroy the evidence or intercept the police in order to get the evidence and the police have to make sure that the weather doesn’t get in their way, which is the highlight for me.

The system is truly remarkable; having utilized it, I’ve observed how it enhances the workload of law enforcement in cases of injuries or fatalities. It allows the police to conduct thorough investigations, gather evidence, and pursue follow-ups effectively. Conversely, individuals involved in criminal activities may attempt to tamper with evidence or obstruct the police to obtain it for themselves. The police must also contend with the challenge of ensuring that weather conditions do not hinder their efforts, which, personally, I find to be a particularly noteworthy aspect.

script works great!, we have been using it for a tiny bit and i honestly love the enhancement of the rp with said script, adds that bit that we were missing.

I love this evidence system, its so cool

Very well-developed script with numerous possibilities that absolutely promotes realism in police roleplay and provides police officers with many additional options.

It can be implemented quickly and easily on your own server.

For questions about the script, fast and high-quality support is available. For this reason, we have also decided on seven more scripts from Core and can wholeheartedly recommend Core.

bought this a lil bit ago and absoulutly love it it was easy to setup and use i have had zero issue with this and really friendly staff. if your needing an evidence script for ur police i would recomend this

So much more to do then the orginal evidence scipt with qbcore. Keep up the work core.

Incredible script, excellent support!!

I like this script it has been written very well and it is very easy for beginners

very nice script!! very good support 5/5 <3

Install very easy + very good support great script thanks

one of the most complete scripts I have seen for evidence.

To this day probably the best evidence-script i know

I’m reeeeaaaaally looking forward to buy this system!

The best evidence script ever!

This script sets a new standard for excellence. It’s clear that the developer poured their heart and soul into it.

Yo, I gotta give mad props to da Core Evidence script, fam! Been usin’ it heavy and straight up lovin’ it! With dem bullet shells, fingerprints, blood samples, and archives, it’s takin’ investigations to a whole new level. Big ups to da developer for droppin’ dat V2 update, keepin’ it fresh and essential for da crew!

With tons of options to make the roleplay go to next level!