💊 [ESX][QB-Core] Advanced Drugs Creator - in-game Drug Creation menu without server restart

can i add a time that the drug fields are on?

it keeps crashing my server saying its getting hung

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You can join the support server :+1:

hi there your scripts look amazing. well one thing i think would make an amazing edition if you could have people calling you up and wanting different types of drugs like 3 acid and 4 weed and 1 coke. the only reason i say this would be good is because in every city i have played it, once people have hound the coke or meth all other drugs get left out. and with a rp server it would be good so it forces you to buy the cheaper drugs aswell. maybe pay a bonus when you have it all,

maybe be able to add drugs into 3 classes, so weed, mushrooms, then speed acid, then coke meth, and you have to have 2 of the 3 or something. and if you got the 3 you get full whack, if not you get minimum, got loads of ideas. get me on discord if you want more DannyMac#4067

So a small a suggestion for the qb-core version make an option in the cobfig file to use qb-menu and qb-input instead of esx menu, would make it easier for the players so they shouldnt spam their keyboard

Update 4.16

  • For newer ESX versions, the script will automatically use the export instead of the trigger event
  • Now it’s possible to change the refresh shared object seconds time in sh_integrations.lua
  • Now it’s possible to disable the refresh shared object each X seconds in sh_integrations.lua

Maybe a update to drugs creator so that inside the menu you can set whether laboratories should explode or not when you fail.

e.g. cannabis drying should not explode when you fail.

Can u maybe respond Jaksam

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Hi, I read all the suggestions, but I can’t answer to them all :sweat_smile:

At the moment I’m working on another secret project :male_detective:

It could be nice if you can make so we can set explode true og false in the script.

I have buyed your drugscreator, but sad i need to disable explode function

Update 4.16.2

  • Fixed a bug that caused problems with selling methods “narcos” and “pushers”

A suggestion for the drugs creator would be that you can make a person use a different animation for different drug fields etc.

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Can you possibly add features such as requiring item for fields(drugs), required item or items for hot wiring and breaking car window & even needing a required item such as keyfob(vehiclekeys).

Je pense, non

Would we be able to have the “chance of fire” and “chance of explosion” toggle added to each recipe so we could tweak which ones will do each effect? Eg: Weed wont do either, LSD may do fire, Meth may do explosion and whatever else can do both.

I would like the ability to manually set drug field prop spawn locations, like instead of a radius I could set the location for each plant individually to avoid them spawning up in the air

Is it possible to override the visual effects of one drug by consuming another drug. For example, consumption of cocaine cancels all visual effects of another drug? so you could combine the effects of different drugs for more realism. would be great if something like this could be added in a future update.

thx a lot

Qtarget for all the scripts!! :slight_smile:

when using this code they still call the cops even if i successfully sell drugs to them, maybe an error in a part of the obfuscated code?

– Disables the default police alert
RegisterNetEvent(“advanced_drugs_creator:framework:ready”, function()

RegisterNetEvent(“advanced_drugs_creator:alertedPolice”, function(coords, message)
local currentPos = GetEntityCoords(PlayerPedId())
local locationInfo = getStreetandZone(currentPos)
local gender = GetPedGender()

    dispatchcodename = "suspicioushandoff", 
    dispatchCode = "10-60",
    firstStreet = locationInfo,
    gender = gender,
    model = nil,
    plate = nil,
    priority = 2,
    firstColor = nil,
    automaticGunfire = false,
    origin = {
        x = currentPos.x,
        y = currentPos.y,
        z = currentPos.z
    dispatchMessage = "Possible Drug Activity",
    job = {"police"}


It’s not an error, it’s normal. That’s how people requested that feature

can there be a toggle to only call the cops on failed sell? so people can know the cops were called?
if the code wasn’t encrypted i’d of done it myself lol.