[ESX/QB] Chop Shop

An immersive chop shop where players have to start the contract, find a vehicle, steal it and bring it down to the drop off location from where they can third eye each specific part of the vehicle and chop it down to get random items & random amount of cash set in the config.



  • Fully configurable.
  • Level System.
  • Discord webhook log or ox_lib (datadog) supported.
  • Logs (contract generated, contract accepted, item & cash reward).
  • Chop player owned vehicles (can be set in config to restrict to certain level above)
  • Secure from event trigger exploits since contracts are generated on server side and saved so every time an event is sent from client → server, it’s is checked for exploits and nulled.
  • Uses skill check when trying to chop vehicle parts.
  • 50+ preconfigured vehicle steal locations.
  • 30+ preconfigured vehicles.

Phone Script Supported

  • qb-phone
  • qs-phone
  • lb-phone
  • roadphone
  • gksphone

Before you buy for ESX, you need to make sure you atleast have one of these phone scripts for the script to function properly.

Escrowed - $9.99
Open - $30.00

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1500
Requirements oxmysql, ox_lib, ox_target, qb-target
Support Yes
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When i chop a players vehicle will it remove from there garage? and can i blacklist certain vehicles from being removed like dono cars?

Yes, it’ll remove the player’s vehicle from garage. As of right now, you can not blacklist certain vehicles but I’ll add it and update the script once the keymaster is back up again since it’s offline rn.

awesome if you tag me once its a feature ill buy asap! Thankyou for your reply :slight_smile:

Small update

  • A small bug fixed which is related to chopping player owned vehicles.
  • You can now add vehicles models to Config.ChopRestrictedVehicles if you want to restrict certain vehicles from being able to get chopped.

ayyyyyy thankyou!!

Update v1.0.2

  • Fixed mail typo with lb-phone
  • Fixed not being able to accept mission with lb-phone
  • Fixed ox_fuel option not setting fuel
  • Fixed an error related to dropoff after getting into the vehicle
  • Fixed not being able to generate a new job after disconnecting with current active job
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We love the script! Thanks for the immense support for helping us to fix the script issues real quick with lb-phone.

:star: 10/10 script
:star: 10/10 support

Can you make it where it gets sent to a pawn shop and other players can buy for a reduced price?

If you have bought the script then contact me through DM or Discord and I’ll do the edit for you.

Update 1.0.4

  • Fixed police alert not being sent properly
  • Fixed issue with players being stuck after chopping a part (happened due to my mistake on the last update)
  • Made the dropoff pink marker optionable (can be disabled by setting Config.DropoffMaker = false on config.lua)

is there anyway i use this with out phones just like notifications

Yeah. The last update is for that so you can use the script without any phone script.

So you chop player owned vehicles? or NPC Vehicles?

If you start the job, there’ll be a vehicle spawned and you can chop it and you can also chop player’s vehicle by stealing their vehicle and putting in their number plate in the interaction npc and you’ll follow the steps like regular car.

Any way to turn off being able to chop player owned vehicles and just have it set to NPC vehicles only

You can disable the ability to chop player owned vehicle by setting it to false on the config.