[ESX][QB] Char Creator and Clothes , Barber, Tattoo Shop, Wardrobe With JSON

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwM5yIx9Xfg

Tebex ESX : https://bypiskan.tebex.io/package/5023302

Tebex QB : https://bypiskan.tebex.io/package/5023307


Full JSON Save and Load

Easy Control for spawn

No need for any separate plugin

client and server %100 open

With Wardrobe System You can Save your Clothes

Other Scripts
Polyzone Motel
Multiply Gallery
Polyzone Weed Plant
Json tattoshop


Nice release :slight_smile:

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open source?

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only javascript side is turned off. it will also be shared with customers soon

Work with qb-multicharacter ? thanks

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Yes. You just need to add trigger where you identity done . Script checks and opens the menu if the character is new. You can get help on discord when you get stuck.

nice release

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Added job menu and configuration. (Open source version updating)

If only it would have color palettes instead of sliders I would definitely buy!

I didn’t add it to be different from the others.But I can add with the update, it’s not a difficult thing

That’s all I need!

Seems like a very nice scripts, does it support EUP ?

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yes working with eup.

Looking kinda nice, but I have one question, where did you get inspiration for this design? Because all menu designs are very different (side vs bottom and etc.) and it looks like very shitty design ripoff of our character system that was made ~1 year ago. (Imgur: The magic of the Internet)

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A client of mine asked me if I could send a design.Then they gave up. I went ahead and did.i just used pictures

Oh, damn, I see, he used our character creation as a reference… Okey, now I see. Anyways, nice release, would be even nicer if you fixed all different fonts, different opacity and etc. to equalize the designs.

Any news regarding color palettes? :slight_smile:

are that mystic’s Cui character and Cui wardrobe such is free on GitHub.? I personally asked him to make it work for QBCore.

This is not cui_character. A character creation and outfit system with different base with json. Those who look at the codes will understand

Any news on this?

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