[ESX/QB] Advanced Radio Script with metadata, distance, jammers, chips and more


Looking for a advanced radio system to enhance your server’s roleplay?
ST Radio offers range, metadata, unique radios, jammers, private servers, and more.

With stRadio, you get:

  • Customizable Radios: Unique items with saved frequency lists.
  • Radio with Distance: Real-time sound effects based on range.
  • Modules: Chips, batteries, props, microphones.
  • Animations: New animations and color props.
  • Quick Buttons: Easily connect to favorite and last-used frequencies.



  • qs-inventory
  • ox_inventory
  • qb-inventory
  • lj-inventory
  • core-inventory
  • ps-inventory

(If your inventory uses metadata, open a ticket on Discord for potential adaptation.)


  • ESX Legacy: All versions (with compatible inventories)
  • QBCore: All versions (with compatible inventories)
  • Custom: Open functions for your own framework (may not be 100% compatible)

Voice Scripts

  • pma-voice
  • SaltyChat


:arrow_forward: TRAILER (preview)

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Unique Radios

  • Quick Connect: Red button to disconnect, green to reconnect instantly.
  • Shared Frequencies: User can automatically connect to the last used frequency.
  • Favorite Radios: Save favorites in “MY RADIOS” with a configurable limit.
  • Fast Access: Connect to favorite radios with the star button for quicker, reliable connection.
  • Online Users: See the number of people on a radio and view nicknames. Search feature included.
  • Settings Menu:
    • Nickname: Change your radio nickname.
    • Password: Set a password with configurable retry limit and anti-hacking chip.
    • Colors: Customize radio colors (saved locally).
    • Dark Mode: Enable dark mode.
    • Position: Adjust the screen position.
    • Favorite: Set a favorite frequency for the fast button.

Radio Modules

  • 3D Radio: Move and customize with up to 4 different modules.
  • Frames: Choose from 10 UI colors for your radio.
  • Chips:
    • GHOST: Invisible in user list.
    • 5G: Hear and be heard over any distance.
    • Anti-Hack: Protects password security.
  • Batteries:
    • Cheap: Short lifespan, frequent failures.
    • Common: Longer lifespan, occasional failures.
    • Premium: Long-lasting, no failures.
  • Shoulder Microphone: Changes animation, adds a shoulder prop.

Radio with Distance

A radio with distance-based audio quality means that the further away the transmitter is from you, the more interference you will hear. As the distance increases, the clarity of the sound decreases. Initially, you might hear slight static, but as the transmitter moves even further, the interference will intensify, making the speech harder to understand. Eventually, if the transmitter is too far away, you will only hear static or nothing at all. This feature simulates realistic radio communication, where proximity affects sound quality.

  • Configurable Hearing Range:
    • Very close: Clear sound.
    • Close: Slight interference, understandable.
    • Distant: Noticeable interference, hard to understand.
    • Very far away: Severe interference, barely understandable.
    • Out of range: Only interference.
  • 5G Chip: Ensures clear communication at all distances.

Custom Props

stRadio only handles the “radio” item, the colored props are separate items that you can add through the 3D menu of the radio, among these colors you have :

Red, Blue, Purple, Pink, Light Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green, White, Grey.

All colors illuminate at night except Grey.


  • stRadio has 2 animations, the special default animation:
  • And the animation that is activated when you have the radio module on the shoulder.

Free DLCs


  • Function: Blocks players from speaking on the radio.
  • Configurable: Range and duration settings.
  • Destruction: Can be destroyed by shooting, targeting, or stored away.
  • Item: Have a metadata with time remaining


  • Private Frequency: Create a private frequency outside the standard radio limits.
  • Connection: Only accessible through the server.
  • Assembly: Built using specific items.
  • Destruction: Can be destroyed by shooting, targeting, or stored away.


:arrow_forward: YOUTUBE VIDEO

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If you’re selling your resource, please include the following information at the end of your post:

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~4000 lines
Requirements ox_lib, pma-voice
Support Yes

(For releases without code the not applicable fields can be written as N/A)


Awesome script

  • Helpful dev

Best radio script, excellent quality and very optimized, Clefas support is excellent, always ready to listen and provide support


Curious what the (s) means next to core inventory, on the tebex page?

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Hello how are you? It means that compatibility will be available soon.

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oh dope, do we have the ability to edit inventory functions?
I have core inventory, likely could figure it out.

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Yes! That part is open code


Okay dope, well Ill go ahead and make purchase. Ill send you my core_inventory edits when I finish so you can release. Cheers

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Sure, join to discord and open ticket we can work together with that :slight_smile:

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The best radio


Nice, a distance feature seems to be the thing missing from most radio scripts and it looks like you nailed it.


great work!


Its like good woman, great design

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nice bro

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Well done to you for this work :slight_smile: really great and no problems reported :slight_smile:

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This is the best radio script i have ever seen. This is very advanced for cheap price. Good job man

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I added support for SALTY CHAT and ps inventory, plus many more updates :slight_smile:

New Features

Battery System

  • Chargers: Added for recharging batteries.
  • More Batteries: Expanded battery options available.

Water System

  • Broken Radio: Damaged radio retains saved information.
  • Radio Tool: Tools for repair, configurable with a minigame and a chance of breaking.
  • Radio Waterproof: Protects radio from water, occupies a chip slot.

Job Configuration

  • Range/Distortion: Option to enable/disable radio range and distortion based on distance.


  • QB-Gangs: Integrated with job radios.
  • PS-Inventory: Added compatibility.