Esx_policejob doesn't working (haven't got CPs (menues, F6,garage...))

Hello! esx_policejob run on the server,but on map haven’t blip for police station and no CPs (garage, armory, boss menu, locker…). I don’t no whats the problem! Thanks for help!

Do you have all the requirements shown below here?

Yes, i added to client/main.lua CommunityService and jail to F6

I reinstall the policejob script with default config now is working but i dont no how to add jail and CommunityService to the F6

here tells you how to add it, read it well

here tells you how to add it, read it well

there are also the steps of the jail for you to add to the menu:

yeah, i add it correctly but doesnt work

send me a picture of the lines of how you’re putting it

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