Hey there,

Today iam releasing my new Script PMEX_Tires.

Q:What does it do ?
A: In RealLife for example you have Wheels on your Vehicle that are made for 200km/h.
If you drive longer with 250+ km/h with them they might fall of due the expansion or flatten. its rare but it can happen tbh(trust me i got that happen on me lol)

so basicly this can happen now on your Server aswell there are Tires from 200-400km/h premade for you (you can do more tires or different speeds)

Q:What do i need to run this Script on my Server ?
A: ESX Framework, async and mechanics is all you need.

Q: How can i install the Tires or change them ?
A: There are exports inside the fxmanifest.lua which lets you decide if you wanna do it by commands or install it with a menu of your choice.

Q:I have different Questions where can i ask them ?
A: Just write them down in the Comments^^

In this Script is a Config lua where you can Change the Time when they can flatten.
You can change the Speed of when the tires should start to flatten.
You can change the Job and you can Change if you want M/s KM/h or MP/h

What everything does stands behind of the lines in the Config.

there maybe will be a standalone version aswell for racingservers or else i think

Here is a video for it so you can view it first(dont know why it is laggy sometimes lol)

You can get it here : https://pmex-mods-fivem.tebex.io/package/4675911 12€ with tax

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Nice, I like this :grinning:

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!!UPDATE 1.1!!

Fixed a bug where the Tires instantly flatten always when driving over the Tires speed limit