[ESX] Phynix RP's Mobile Data Terminal | Reports, warrants, calls, searches & more

thanks for that… works perfect for me… :+1:

I dont use kasharacters either, did you ever find a fix?

works fine without kasachters in your server?

Merci fonctionne parfaitement.

Hey, its not working for me, when i call nothing show up on the call thing… ?

Hi ! The code only work if i send a message to police via the sms conversation, but when i go like where there is police , ambulance numbers, and i call for help, nothing show up on call…

I get this everytime i press the open button

how do u do different color styles for each job?

Once I add a note to a vehicle I can not get it to update again. It always stays as the original

How do i fix this? MENU


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i assume you are adding more jobs then just police to view it? If so you need to change and add in other places to support those jobs.

I don’t understand what you mean…

inside the index.html

<img v-if="officer.department == 'police'" src="badges/police.png" v-bind:class="getClass('badge')" >


you can’t even click on the top menu ( Search Persons , Search Vehicles … )
the file is the default !

Pls help me, ty

missing in sql mdt_reports

Thats what i am telling you, you need to add other jobs or add this for everyone to be able to see it.

<img v-if="officer.department =! 'police'" src="badges/police.png" v-bind:class="getClass('badge')" >

If your police job isnt police then change all the “police” to your police job name

mugshot url and bond is not being written to DB table. [user_mdt] could you please help.

print out below

[ script:mdt] SCRIPT ERROR: @mdt/sv_mdt.lua:222: attempt to index a nil value (upvalue ‘changes’)
[ script:mdt] > ref (@mdt/sv_mdt.lua:222)
[ script:mdt] > (@mysql-async/mysql-async.js:15543)

I am posting sv_mdt code for line 222

		MySQL.Async.insert('INSERT INTO `user_mdt` (`char_id`, `notes`, `mugshot_url`, `bail`) VALUES (@id, @notes, @mugshot_url, @bail)', {
			['@id'] = id,
			['@notes'] = changes.notes,
			['@mugshot_url'] = changes.mugshot_url,
			['@bail'] = changes.bail

Has anyone added fines automatically from the mdt?

How do you create Calls