[ESX] [PAID] strin_locksmithjob


Easy to use and nicely configurable script for locksmith job. (this script includes all the future updates with it)

Upgrade your roleplay with some lockpicking! :closed_lock_with_key:



- Supports Onesync (all types)

- Make house and car locks through out the city!

- Random dialogues with npcs!

- Set money from range A to B (100 to 200 for exam.)

- Set a meeting point for locksmithers to get a job!

- A lot of configurable stuff (job requirement, language, blips, multiple jobs (set as many car or house locks as you wish) and much more…)

- No obfuscation or IP lock.

- Nice, clean and simple NUI.

- Highly optimized.



My tebex
This script
My other script - strin_garages
My other script - strin_electricianjob


Cool script and a great idea but what year is it where we’re still using slash commands? :rofl:

Well, I thought it would be a bit different. In all of my other scripts I always used [E] press and I just wanted something different. I can change it if it makes the script look better and be more familiar to players. :smiley:

The minigame looks very similar to this codepen: https://codepen.io/marctannous/pen/qONmob. If that is where you got it from, it would be nice if the person that created the minigame got credit somewhere. Otherwise seems like a good release, I like your 3DText.

Yeah, it is indeed similiar. I can assure you the minigame isnt converted or stolen from this codepen. I did take an inspiration from the design though. I must admit that, but my minigame code-wise is not even similiar to the code on the codepen you sent. But I do understand it looks like converted to FiveM. :smiley:

why you have to do this? tiktok is like instagrams stories? I don’t mean to be rude but every post has someone saying this is someone else’s

you should start using the target system

I’m not going to fill this guys post with back and forth so this will be the last time I respond to this but if someone is stealing someone elses work and passing it off as their own, that person deserves to get called out.

I saw a minigame incredibly similar to a popular codepen and asked the author a question. I gave the author time to respond and only asked for him to give credit if he did use someone elses code. I didn’t attack him in any way.

He responded explaining he drew inspiration from the codepen, explained that the code is all his in this release and that he understands how someone could come to that conclusion.

Please stop getting offended for other people.

God, shutup already. Every game takes inspiration from others. If he didn’t steal code, he didn’t do anything wrong. Go blame COD for stealing ideas from Doom you whining baby.