• Completely responsive
  • Server name
  • Cash, Bank & Blackmoney
  • Health, Armor, Hunger, Thirst
  • Speedo (Fuel, speed, cruise-control, engine)
  • Date & Time
  • Location
  • Job
  • Notifications (Info, Succes, Error)
  • Notify/Announce-Sound
  • Help-Notification
  • Savezones
  • Cruise-Control
  • Server-Announce (With Create-UI)
  • Customizable



Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines 300+
Requirements ESX
Support Yes
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Nice style but… 50€ For an hud and a notification system escrowed?? Nhaa…

Looks nice, however 50 euros a bit steep. GLWS though.

With so many different features, we think 50€ is a reasonable price.

We have based the price on similar huds.

Yeah 50 euros is insane. I think most people stick with trew hud tbh becuase it’s free and dose everything you need tbh… I seen other huds with alot more things to do for less prices like blvckhud I think it’s called

CodeM has a very large range of customers, whereas I have a relatively small one. In the German development scene, there are Huds with a similar number of features that are more expensive. And 30% of the price goes to Tebex.