[ESX][PAID-RELEASE] Hobo's Development: "Mechanic Job"

Hey everyone, back with another amazing script! This is a complete redo and rework of esx_mechanicjob and esx_lscustoms!

What is this script?!
This script is a complete rework of esx_lscustoms and esx_mechanicjob! It allows you to have unlimited amounts of shops that are on separate funds and have their own menu and locations! It essentially gives every shop privacy and that comfort of being on your own fund!

What does each shop get?!
Each shop will be given a custom blip, crafting location, resource gathering location, mechanic functions location, company garage location, unlimited work bay areas, and their own f6 menu!

What makes this better than the two regular scripts?!
This script changes how all mechanic shops work! This script was made due to the constant bickering that all mechanic shop owners have in RP! They always complain about who took the money! Well, now they won’t have to if they are all on their own fund!

Does this script have more lag or bugs than the regular?!
This script runs about the same usage as the regular! Sometimes it may be 0.01ms more or lower just depending on where you are at!

Can other mechanics abuse other shops?!
No! All the mechanic shops are separated which means they will not be able to use work bay areas at other shops as well as the menus!

Are there any new features to the script from the regular?!
Aside from each shop having menu locations, there is a new menu which is the Company Garage! This allows shops to have their own vehicles and props(In the F6 menu!) which can be spawned!

What are all the features that this script offers?!

  • Highly configurable to your liking
  • Tons of discord logs
  • Crafting and resource gathering for each shop
  • Mechanic/Boss Menu for each shop
  • Company Garage for each shop
  • Each shop has its own fund
  • Unlimited company vehicle spawns
  • Unlimited vehicle upgrade locations
  • Progressbar & mythic notify support
  • Non-Exploitable
  • Constant updates
  • Unlimited amount of mechanic shops
  • Detailed instructions for adding more shops
  • Items for mechanics and civilians
  • Optional civilian usage of items
  • Many other small features

Do you have a preview of the script in action?!
Why yes I do! Link: Click Me For Video Demo!

Some examples of the logs on discord! (Not all shown)

When a civilian uses one of the items ^
When a company car is spawned ^
When you gather resources or craft items ^
When you use the mechanic F6 menu ^
When you add or remove items to society fund ^
When you buy a mod for a car ^

Where can I get this script?!
You can buy it only from me in my Tebex store! It is currently for sale at $15! Some may ask why so much, I spent tons of time on this script to perfect it so it needs to be a reasonable price for the thought and uniqueness of the script!
Tebex Store: Click Me!
Mechanic Job Script: Click Me!

Is it encrypted?!
This script does not come encrypted because I want the customer to be able to change the script in any way they would like!

progressbarss (Optional)
Mythic_Notify (Optional)


Looks great! Can you turn the log on and off? Because I think that’s part maybe a bit much log! :wink:

Do each of the mechanics get their own webhook?

I do like the idea of this though. I one script instead of one for every different mechanic business. Definitely going to get this on payday.

Yes! In the Config you can turn on and off which things you would like logged or you have a master switch Config at the top that turns all logs off!

Every mechanic does not have its own webhook but if purchased you can get it custom done by me! The reason why I made it only one webhook is because I don’t want to force someone to make tons of webhooks!

Is it possible to make the shops purchasable so users can buy or sell their shop?

Unfortunately no, the script is not made for players to buy the shop! Maybe in the future I will release a version that does this!

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I’m assuming it’s not encrypted. Shouldn’t be too hard for me to change the webhook to a config thing and set it per mechanic.

Yes it is not encrypted so you could that if you would like!

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Mechanics can’t pick up the objects they place down. So now there are toolboxes and cones in the streets that can’t be removed all over the map without a restart. Please fix this.

This is how the regular esx_mechanicjob is set up! Looking into fixing it!

I was trying to implement how the policejob does it, but I’m not good with tables. Maybe you would have better luck.

I have since then released V1.2


  • Object Deletion
  • Rework of job check-in system
  • Small bug fixes
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how are each shops job set in the data base ? Are they each separate job names in the job and job_grades table in the database ?

There is an instruction guide and video to show you how to add multiple! Yes they use separate jobs names and job grades.

Unless I am blind there’s no spot to delete/store a vehicle after taking one from garage.

Yes in the new update there is tons of new features including storing vehicles and boss’s being able to look at all current vehicles out. Also a extra menu and much more! The only way to see all the future updates is by being in my discord but as I am not allowed to post that here its in tebex and in my txt. That is also the only way to get updates for my scripts without re-buying the script.

Does this include the local tow job the original ESX_MechanicJob had? Also is this OneSync Ready?

No this does not use the regular npc tow job in it…

Are these something players can buy? Also, is there a way to change prices for vehicle upgrades? Thanks!