[ESX] [PAID] Police and Ambulance Dispatch system [ NO LONGER AVAILABLE ]

Ambulance and Police dispatch system

This is my first time publishing/selling my work on the forum.
Most of the resources that are published by me are made for personal RP server that I was or I am still developing.

This resource is a great dispatch system for police and ambulance job on your server.
There is not much needed to configure except case codes, names and blips with your liking in the config file.

Everything else should be plug and play.

Features in this resource are:

  • Automatic “badge” code added on player join.
  • List of all online police and medical players
  • Mark yourself on the case or remove yourself from it (list will show who is on case for all players with the same job)
  • Adjustable options like:
    • disable sound notifications,
    • disable popup cards for cases,
    • disable other police or medical members on the map
    • disable blip marking for cases on the map
  • Ability to send backup signal to police or medic in 2 clicks
  • Ability to forward case from police to ambulance and vice versa
  • Sounds for cases and different one for backup request
  • Simple client or server side event for sending dispatch cases
  • Actual server time displayed on cases by using moment.js

Also, this resource comes with the Infinity compatible colleague blips on the map. So if you are police you will see all players with the same job by their RP name (or steam name if disabled in config) no matter where they are.

if Youtube embed above is not working, here is the link for short SHOWCASE

By default player shoot reports are enabled and case is sent if player is shooting while there are NPC peds in range of him, but you can easily disable it by setting false in the config file.

Resource is not obfuscated in any way and can be edited/changed however you like but don’t expect fast solution if you don’t provide exact changes when asking for help or reporting bugs.

Dependencies are:

CPU Msec: resource usage does not go over 0.04
(0.04 is the max since this resource also has blips which require server-client update of positions for infinity combability, and check if player is shooting for the reports :D)

To send notification from client, you use:

TriggerServerEvent("bDispatch:addCase", GetEntityCoords(PlayerPedId()), "police", "10-71", "Shots fired", "Citizen reported shots fired on the location")

From Server:

TriggerEvent("bDispatch:addCase", coords, "police", "10-71", "Shots fired", "Citizen reported shots fired on the location")

Please note that this is the first resource that I released and price is probably wrong, you can feel free to post below or direct message me if you think it should be lower, higher or similar :smiley:

For any issues, bugs or help, you can post your issue here on forum or send it to me via direct message.

Hope you like it!

Version 0.03:

- Added few more options in config (ShowShootingForCops, ShowSilencedWeapons, ShowAutomaticDeathNotif)
- Added option to add jobs which can open dispatch menu
- Added option to add more jobs to show blips on the map
- Fixed few bugs :D

I like it

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Looks like a redesign of this: ⚠️ [STANDALONE] Core Dispatch - 3 Emergency jobs work in sync, Alerts, Calls, Blips, Permissions
But looks good anyways

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True, I was using that resource, but it lacked a lot of features, like if someone is already on that case, sounds, blips for all persons and not only cars, confusing list of vehicles and similar so I made my own with more features.

Thanks anyway! :smiley:

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Take this as constructive criticism, but that ui :face_vomiting:

Also true, but usually police MDTs and systems have simple and serif style :smiley: Anyway I do realize that I am not creative, but hey, its easy to change color to your liking in CSS :smiley:

How can i contact you for support?

I replied to your PM on forum, you can send messages there if you still have issue <3

Hello guys, I pushed new update and added few more variables that you can enable.

Those are

  • ShowShootingForCops
  • ShowSilencedWeapons
  • ShowAutomaticDeathNotif

You can enable or disable them in config with ease :smiley:
Also, you can get new version on the same link that you received in your tebex email on purchase.


EDIT: version 0.03 pushed again :smiley: Fixed some bugs and also added option in config to declare jobs which will have blips on the map as well as option to add jobs which can open dispatch menu :smiley:

Evening I have the same problem with users, tried to do it on users doesn’t work. Use extended 1FINAL. Does anyone have a solution?

I think you are in the wrong thread, that is stockmarket resource, not mine :smiley: