[ESX] [PAID] Park your vehicle wherever you want!

Park your vehicle wherever you want!

Price: 16$

Preview: https://youtu.be/_BpvrzHzpVQ


  • Carinfo command
  • Add second owner to vehicle
  • Admin command to retrieve vehicles from impound point
  • Add player to a vehicle command
  • Impound Point




  • Purchase the resource from Tebex
  • Check your provided E-Mail for the resource
  • Copy the script over to your server resources and start in .cfg
  • Be sure to have all dependencies
  • Start server

Do they dupe on relogg with players nearby? Saves in database after restart etc?

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For now, vehicles after restart disappears and they save their position only when you park them.

Thanks, for the idea to improvement this script. I’ll think to add this functionality.

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Great Job!
One of the best ideas for garage system

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what’s the difference between ur script and kuana garage?

I think the biggest difference is that my script still have updates, support. I didn’t really look into kuana so I can’t tell you exactly.

Maybe the UI, hahahaah

Can I park him permanently on the ground when I park

What you mean? When u write this command vehicle will save to database and later you can spawn this vehicle by entering another command on the chat.

Hello, your script is not available on tebex. Is this normal?