[ESX][PAID] Music Label

Hello , this script is a music label job. It includes a safe for items and weapons and vehicles. It also allows you to generate income for your business based on the number of youtube views that the artist you added has made.

Tebex link ( 10€ + tax ) : https://glp-life.tebex.io/package/4893190

The code is not encrypted !

Required : ESX, cron and Youtube API Key

To change the key go to html / js / app.js line 17

Download, integrate the sql and start it

Change positions as you wish

Preview : 2022-01-11 15-10-11


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are you able to set up more than one music label?

The script or myself ?

in the script, like can i set up multiple record labels that operate on their own

you can’t, there is only one job in this script, but you can duplicate the job yourself

i can make more jobs no problem, I am just seeing if the script supports more than one job

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